Ionentherapiezentrum Medaustron Wiener Neustadt

The human concept as foundation.

MedAustron was constructed in Wiener Neustadt as one of Europe’s most advanced centres for ion therapy and research. In addition to state-of-the art radiology equipment, three irradiation rooms for ion therapy are available. All over the world, there exist only three centres offering both these two types of radiation in one spot.

Minimalism and aesthetic reduction of underlying basic design.

The MedAustron architecture combines the individual sections in one compact basic design and thus minimises surfaces, which not only allows for cost-efficient construction but also renders the centre’s operation very economical.

Glazing and greening of the project.

Generous glazing as well as courtyards and atriums integrated into the volumes at ground-floor level “green” the building and moreover disclose attractive cross-vistas between inside and outside. On the two administrative levels, winter gardens/atriums are provided to ensure good daylighting and a pleasant atmosphere.

Lighting concept, colours and natural materials.

Due to the courtyards and atriums, it is possible, despite the compact design, to ensure natural lighting even for rooms situated at the centre of the building. A pleasant ambiance is safeguarded by using natural materials, warm colours, lots of greenery throughout the building and intensive use of daylighting.