Barakat Hospital

Barkat General and Subspecialized Hospital, IRN

Scope of services
preliminary design, design development, submission planning, execution planning, tendering, participation in the allocation procedure, on-site supervision
Tehran (IRN)
Salamat Barakat Company
Costs medical technology
52.8 Mio. €
Completion period
emergency unit, outpatients unit, endoscopy, lab., radiology, pathology, OT, nuclear medicine, delivery, radiation, physical and occupational therapy, wards, maternity/obstetric ward, NICU, dialysis, dayclinic, drug supply, cell therapy, CSSD
Gross floor area
125,000 m²

The Salamat Barkat Company plans a new construction of a 600 bed hospital in Teheran. Our client wants the implementation of this hospital in accordance to the European standards with 5 competence centers (center of emergency, center of heart surgery, center of orthopedics, center of general medicine and a mother-child-center).

The Salamat Barkat general and subspecialized hospital enfolds 5 basements and 17 upper floors to ensure an optimum medical service. All functional areas are arranged in order to have short paths and cross-departmental workflows. Each level, which is approachable for patients, is equipped with minimum one information- or registration point to supervise all patients and their relatives.

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