Barkat Hospital

Barkat Hospital

Modern and sophisticated

Building type
Health care
Scope of services
Feasibility study, general planning
Tehran (IRN)
Salamat Barkat Company
Total project costs
€ 323 million
Construction period
Completion period
Gross floor area
118,445 m²

Architectural synergy.

Barkat Hospital is composed of four areas of specialisation: cardiology, orthopaedics, general medicine and anaesthesia. The architectural challenge lies in the complex interactions of public and private spaces, wards and labs.

Meeting all needs.

Barkat Hospital was evaluated according to the standards of state-of the-art hospital architecture. The spatial design took particular account of the variety of patients and their different needs.

Ambitious interior.

The pit is 5 storeys deep. Here are a few construction details:

Size of plot, i.e., excavated area: approx. 14,360 m (size of two soccer fields of 7,140m² each), Depth of pit excavation: 24 m (underground floors incl. foundation plate), Excavated volume: approx. 344,640 m³, Average height of foundation plate (reinforced concrete): 2 m, Volume of reinforced concrete foundation plate: approx. 27,800 m³, Number of workers on-site: approx. 400 workers in two shifts, Working time: 20 hrs. followed by a 4-hour break – from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., Beginning of construction: December 2014
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