Addition to and refurbishment of Rohrbach Provincial Hospital

Synergy between hospital and town.

Building type
Provincial hospital
Scope of services
EU-wide competition, 1st prize, architectural services, project management, local site supervision, co-ordination of works in consortium with architect Erich Weismann, Architektur Weismann+ GmbH
Rohrbach (AT)
Oberösterreichische Gesundheits- und Spitals AG, gespag
Construction costs excl. tax
€ 46,23 Mio.
Completion period
Gross floor area
12.050 m²

20 percent more hospital for Rohrbach.

The new addition to Rohrbach Provincial Hospital is situated at the western periphery of Rohrbach, yet close to the town centre. The extension of the hospital added around 20% to the existing cubic content of the complex.

Factors impacting the design.

The design process was above all influenced by three factors: the location at some distance and isolated from the town of Rohrbach, resulting in a certain rootlessness of the building; the wide vistas and quality typical of the landscape of north-western Austria; and the staff quarters situated to the north.

Special traits of the building.

Together with the attached F-shaped volume, the sloped, green expanse with a rectangular cutout now constitutes the new front of the building and signals affinity and close ties with the location. As the second element of identification, the lobby represents the new access vis-à-vis the word outside and acts as an integrator on the inside. Formally, the project as a whole reflects both the overall building design and the landscape.

Functionality and integration of design.

The arrangement of the new lobby results in a separation between general-access zones and purely medical areas. The operating theatres, dialysis and lab zones are perfectly integrated into a green slope and adjoin the existing building to the west.
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