Apartment Complex Korneuburg

Modular Living-Concepts as a Model for the Future

Building type
Apartment house
Scope of services
1. prize in competition and general planning
Korneuburg (AT)
Wiener Komfortwohnungen
Construction costs excl. tax
19,68 Mio. €
Completion period
Gross floor area

Flexible and variable.

Flexible, modular designs are the future of living. In the heart of Korneuburg in the province of Lower Austria, Moser Architects planned a residential complex with a modular system especially developed for this purpose. The project was to comprise various types of apartments and floor plans.

Apartment & house – hand in hand.

Moser Architects distinguished between two modules, i.e., for apartments and houses. Both modules are adapted to each other in an optimal way and can provide a ‘seamless’ transition between them. Thus, it is possible to merge two houses into one without changing its structure or technical systems. For example, in response to changing needs, common areas – e.g. for assisted living facilities – can be integrated as linking centers within the existing structure.

New system – classic architecture.

Both in terms of color and proportion, the six residential buildings remind us of classic villas. Ranging in size from 50 – 242 sqm, their interiors offer a surprising diversity of rooms. Each unit features outdoor space (either terraces or balconies) and, despite their differing layouts, all buildings have a uniform façade, thereby creating an identity for the entire complex.
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