Architectural Competition Gut Guggenthal

Architectural Competition Gut Guggenthal

solitary houses on the hill

Building type
residential area
Scope of services
architectural competition
Completion period
Net area
Gross floor area

TYP A 13,8 x 13,8 m

This urban planning approach with solitary houses allows for distinctive exterior spaces with high transparency. The structuring with small buildings adapts perfectly to the slope and surroundings. Terracing with four different plateaus at staggered heights creates a variety of open spaces and subcenters that promote social communication and coexistence. On each of these plateaus are situated four residential groups interlinked via circulation and open spaces, all blending together to form a visually harmonious and coherent housing settlement. Two housing types were developed to reach a meaningful division of residential units: Type A 13.8 x 13.8 m and Type B 16.2 x 16.2 m. Central access and an ordered grid create a suitable structural module, granting each apartment its own individual character with respective exterior open space.

TYP B 16,2 x 16,2 m

The distinct cubic building forms have a typical white exterior rendering, creating a quiet background for the imposing landscape. To give terraces and loggias more of a sense of privacy, wood surfaces accentuate designated spots intended to enhance well-being and the wish to linger there. Stone wall claddings of the plinth zones provide the ensemble with a quiet and grounded overall appearance. The plateaus in the landscaping make possible a meaningful usage of ventilated and well-lit parking, creating at the same time a zoning of the different outdoor open spaces. Clearly laid out external pathways give easy access to these spaces, repeatedly allowing for exciting visual connections and wonderful vistas over the town of Salzburg.
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