Belgorod City Projekt

Belgorod City Projekt

Building type
office building, residential building and shopping center
Scope of services
JSCB Moscow Industrial Bank
Completion period
Gross floor area

We create a new city block.

The architecture stands out among the environs of the building site due to its piecemeal and scattered manner of construction. The buildings are principally concentrated along the edge of the property lot. This leads not only to a high density along the rim, but also to oversized landscaped spaces that defy any attempt to descry what they belong to. The intent of the project is to achieve a maximum density of the building property and a large number of free spaces with differing usages and qualities through combining the buildings into larger bloc complexes.

Individual fragmented neighborhoods.

The construction on the one hand facilitates generous, interconnected free spaces, but on the other hand is capable of creating intimate neighborhoods. The porosity of the buildings facilitates numerous line-of-sight connections for the apartments into different free spaces, and thus arise terraces and roof gardens with ideal positioning towards the sun and direct access from the apartments. The variously designed free spaces including their paths yield multifaceted neighborhoods with varying identities.

An icon for the boulevard.

Also contributing towards the endowment of a sense of identity is naturally the high-rise situated at the south-western corner of the building plot. This exceptionally attractive location brings along with it the advantage of being in the vicinity of public transportation and of a major thoroughfare, as well as the opportunity for the tower to present itself as an eye-catching “icon” along the boulevard.
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