Competition Hospital Hall 14

Competition Hospital Hall 14

Building type
New construction of a regional hospital
Scope of services
architectural competition
Hall (AT)
Completion period

The new lightness in building

Every room enjoys a direct view onto the beautiful park surrounding the hospital, enhancing relaxation from the hospital bed. A transparent, multilinear building structure with minimized height characterizes the entire building complex. White and light-colored surfaces combined with large area glass fronts dominate the overall color scheme, allowing for an especially light and generously daylit appearance of the building in an atmosphere of spaciousness.

A patient´s comfort as vision

We wanted to create a hospital that not only meets the highest medical demands, but also offers maximum comfort for both patients and hospital personnel. An essential aspect of the planning vision was imbedding the hospital in its natural surroundings. We achieved this by organizing open, finger-like wings that stretch into the park area. Thus, borders between inside and outside are blurred, giving the patient a very immediate feeling for nature. Short circulation paths inside the building and the compressed arrangement of medical departments increase the operational efficiency of the facility. We have put special emphasis on avoiding unnecessary circulation areas and creating an effective spatial planning. To this end, all departments and organizational spaces are arranged in a coherent system on three levels, each of which spanning two east-west lateral wings. For better access, a main circulation axis serves as connecting element between these wings.
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