Competition Hospital Oberwart

Building type
newconstruction regional hospital
Scope of services
competition as preliminary design
Oberwart (AT)
Completion period
2015 - 2016
The hospital is situated on the edge of the town Oberwart in diversified surroundings of small structures, which, with the exception of the nurses´ residence, could almost be described as scenic. The new building therefore is low and focused on three floors above ground, remaining compact with a significant reduction of circulation area. Long building fronts for the new hospital were avoided by breaking up the volume of the large building into smaller ones, thus allowing it to integrate well in scale with its surroundings. The house form remains unified though, hugging the slope in a long band that interweaves with the outer space and opens its courtyards to garden areas.
Four U-shaped buildings are grouped around a core so as to minimize circulation paths between the different functional areas and maximize transparency and visual contact with the outside. The result is a hospital suffused in light, where visual contact between the different functional areas allows for intuitive orientation and clarity. From the central hall, one easily recognizes the circulation paths throughout the building. The main entrance, drop-off zone for immobile patients, and the diagonally opposing emergency drive-up all lead to the building center. Here at the intersection of all paths, the central coordination desk sends patients to the appropriate functional area while the concierge at the entrance lobby directs visitors to the elevators situated in front of the coordination desk.
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