competition medical university Linz

Building type
university campus
Scope of services
Linz (AT)
Completion period

A Distinctive, Self-Confident Building.

All its functions are compact and with a clear structure to ensure easy orientation and intuitive access. Its linear structure avoids complicated layouts and dark corners but features short circulation paths and efficient co-opearting space. Atriums were designed to provide open and transparent centers as communicative platforms and interdisciplinary co-working areas within the building. The various functional areas (labs, offices, seminar rooms) with their individual constructive and technical criteria are not arranged vertically, but horizontally. Thus, the required technical solutions for the different areas can be accommodated more efficiently.

The Idea of Forums for Communication.

The atriums are bright, green, open forums reaching across three floors of the campus complex. Meeting rooms as central communications areas protrude into this space like islands. The enclosed staircase continues in a curved shape and connects the various levels in an exciting architectural arrangement. The large plants create a pleasant ambience and a well-balanced spatial climate.
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