Feasibility study for 28 hospitals in Romania

A comprehensive study of modern hospital construction.

Building type
regional and district hospitals
Scope of services
Feasibility study, masterplan and design, for 20 district and 8 regional hospitals
Ministry of Public Health, Bucharest / Romania
Construction costs excl. tax
€184 Mio. (regional each), €106 Mio. (district each)
Completion period

Modular Layout for Maximum Flexibility.

Viewing the modern requirements of a flexible and developable basic setup, it was decided to plan two types of hospital with modular layouts – a regional one and a district hospital. From an urban, design, and organizational perspective, low structures appear sensible. They have better fire protection and offer better earthquake resistance. Hence, the structure features a multi-finger layout.

Creating an Architectural Center.

By creating a center and consolidating special areas, it is possible to respond to individual site conditions with a high degree of flexibility in construction. The multi-finger layout is characterized by a horizontal, comb-shaped treatment area and vertical towers for patient care. The benefits of this structure are a disentanglement of circulation flows, better natural lighting, and an optimal potential for expansion.
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