Neunkirchen Hospital

Pavilions with a sunny view.

Building type
Scope of services
Competition, victorious entry (1st place), general planning, local site supervision, in consortium with Maurer & Partner GmbH, Architect Zieser ZT GmbH and Baumeister Josef Panis GesmbH
Neunkirchen (AT)
Hypo NOE Leasing / Sartoria GmbH
Total project costs
€ 117 million
Completion period

Ahead of the future.

Hospitals are not separate worlds cut off from their environs. Instead of isolated lots or individual subprojects, holistic planning is the order of the day. For this reason, we have found a unique solution to embed Neunkirchen Hospital harmoniously in its surroundings.

Perfectly integrated into the surroundings.

The natural quality of the surrounding landscape with the banks of the Schwarza River is channelled right into the heart of the hospital. This heart is also the main circulation artery and links the lobby via a short walk. An interesting spatial experience is safeguarded by the vertical passages across the first-storey open spaces. All around, the complex reflects the natural qualities of the world outside while yet remaining functional and modern.

Different outdoor qualities.

Themed gardens in the courtyards and inviting loggias with perforated sun protection elements make it possible to stay outdoors and contribute to recovery.

A hospital designed pavilion-style.

Four pavilion-type buildings characterise the look of the entire project. The blocks are positioned at a perfect distance from each other to minimise circulation routes. Thoughtful urbanistic positioning avoids north-facing rooms, so that patients’ rooms will receive maximum sunlight exposure.

A new dimension of hospital architecture.

Apart from meeting the demands of functionality and architectural expressiveness, it was our vision for the Neunkirchen Hospital project to establish a contemporary presence of the clinic within its surroundings.
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