Port Ghalib Medical Centre

An architecture of healing.

Building type
Medical and rehabilitation centre
Scope of services
Feasibility study, general planning and local site supervision
Zaazou Concept & Consulting (project management), MUVI (project development)
Total project costs
€ 130 million
Completion period

Our contribution to an “architecture of healing”.

The Port Ghalib Medical Centre is a medical and rehabilitation centre based on the latest international trends in medical technology and design. Three building sections and a central lobby foster optimum space utilisation. The health centre accommodates 280 beds on a surface of 45,000 sq m.

Atmospheric spatial design.

Numerous atriums allow for natural daylighting, which generates a pleasant atmosphere. The project concept makes sure that the different types of space utilisation, e.g. for administrative or medical purposes, are also reflected in the design elements.

Clay – a typical façade element of the region.

The clay façade elements typical of the region ensure that the medical centre will blend perfectly with its surroundings, in this way channelling the environs into the rooms. The different spatial zones of the centre are based on analyses conducted according to functional, aesthetic, social and ecological considerations.
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