Provincial Hospital at Kirchdorf

Provincial Hospital at Kirchdorf, Austria

Building type
Provincial Hospital
Scope of services
architectural planning, on-site supervistion in cooperation with Architektur Weismann+ ZTG
Kirchdorf (AT)
Oberösterreichische Gesundheits- und Spitals AG
Construction costs excl. tax
€28,56 Mio.
Completion period

The desire for a common spatial design concept.

In addition to the new structural and functional adaptations of individual function groups, we are accenting design details to further enhance the attractiveness and acceptance of the provincial hospital complex and give expression to its chronological development.

Nature as basis for a new orientation system.

The existing structure is characterized by additions and extensions developed over many decades, existing both in combination and juxtaposition to express the language of their time, both from a design and architectural perspective. Thus, an overriding connection isn´t given through the aesthetic homogeneity of individual building parts, but instead through functional interrelationships within the complex. In this context, new and contemporary design additions are to be seen as a conscious expression of the current understanding of architectural language. Thus, in our view, it is legitimate to interpret them as symbols of a dynamic and constantly changing overall structure. To this end, an appealing signage system was developed for the entire building. Biosphere symbols (animals, plants and elements), in varying colors according to floor, have been applied to the walls by means of modern transfer technology, to serve both as orientation and create atmosphere. From the beetles on the underground level to the field flowers, birds and snow crystals on the 6th floor, the signage system represents the concept of a tree of life.
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