Wienwert+ concept

Building type
newconstruction of residential buildings in Vienna
Completion period
from 2016

The idea.

With WIENWERT+ we have developed an efficient and flexible housing system. It is flexible because the apartments – even once a building is completed – can be adjusted to meet the varied requirements of its residents in different stages of living, e.g., by merging the pre-designed units. Its efficiency in turn is ensured by a compact grid concept which allows the modules to be arranged as needed.

The apartments.

Often small apartments are confining – rooms are compact and there is a lack of storage space. In contrast, the approx. 60sqm standard apartments of WIENWERT+ offer a spacious room with the option of a walk-in closet or office area, plus a storage room which is accessible from both the kitchen and the foyer. The latter can be used in many ways – this is why we call it “multi-room”. The apartments feature spacious open areas and many details, such as a sitting niche in the eat-in kitchen.
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