Häring Rehabilitation Center

Building type
Rehabilitation center
Scope of services
General planning, project management, on-site supervision in consortium with Arch. Prof. Lintl ZT GmbH
Bad Häring
Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt (AUVA)
Construction costs excl. tax
100m €
Project period
2002 – 2011
rehabilitationszentrum bad häring
häring rehabilitationszentrum


Renewal and expansion during operation.
We renewed and expanded Häring Rehabilitation Center in four stages of construction during operation, also creating a separate temporary building for the patients’ ward. All areas except for the patients‘ ward have been completely rebuilt. The aim was to give the rehabilitation center a comfortable and human atmosphere next to its full functionality. With that, the basic idea we pursued was to limit the patients‘ heteronomy to the bare minimum and to create a maximum of individual space.
häring rehabilitationszentrum
reha bad häring schwimmhalle
häring rehabilitationszentrum

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