Ratomka Hospital

Building type
Hospital and rehabilitation center
Scope of services
Feasibility study, preliminary design
Minsk, Belarus
Limited Liability Society Falcon Investment Company
Construction costs excl. tax
Project period
Preliminary design concluded
krankenhaus ratomka
krankenhaus ratomka


A highly specialized healthcare center with top-level care.
The main concept for the internal building functions includes a clear visual orientation, short routes for patients and staff, the grouping of related functions into clearly recognizable zones and the creation of winter gardens assigned to these areas. Number of beds: 128 (including 94 acute beds and 34 rehabilitation beds), 6 operating theaters (3 of which are for day patients) for an estimated 5,000 inpatients per year, as well as 26 rooms for day care, 19 examination and treatment rooms for an estimated 80,000 outpatients per year.

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