Pasdaran Store

Building type
Commerce, industry and service
Scope of services
Design, development
Teheran, Iran
Omid Development & Contruction Co.
Construction costs excl. tax
Project period
2009 – 2012
Design concluded
pasdaran store
pasdaran store


State-of-the-art shopping experience.
The aim of this project was to create a contemporary building complex for entertaining shopping experiences. Here, we are not only creating a modern shopping center with existing retailers, but also taking into account the shopping behavior of customers. Inspired by the old traditional markets, which had a friendly and lively atmosphere, this building project is intended to create a similar shopping experience in the form of a concept store. The Pasdaran Store is therefore a hybrid of a shopping center and a high-priced boutique, which is primarily aimed to inspire target groups with an interest in luxury, design and the finer things in life.

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